Saturday, January 21, 2012

What I mean when I say "man"

This is what I see when I see a "man".

 A "man"
First, let me say this: Not all males are men. Let me repeat that. Not all males are men. With this in mind, my blog will make more sense to you. 

I see some males as a separate race from the rest of us. I consider them to be dopplegangers. They put on the disguise of males and parade around like males, but they destroy the reputation of males and the trust women have for males. These are the ones I have come to call "men". I can define them easily enough because they will say things like: I am a real man. I am a man. Real men don't do that. Only gays do that. Men aren't into such things. Men don't talk about their feelings. I know what a woman wants! I know how to satisfy a woman. I don't want any commitment (but when you are seen with another man, they get angry). Associating with a man is like banging your head on a rock wall, it only takes a few times before you do your best to avoid it.

These are the dopplegangers way of giving you hints that they are going to cause you pain and misery. Take their unsaid advice and stay away from them. They are trouble from the get go.

A "male"

These are the ones who most women are looking for. They are sensitive to her feelings without being a sap. They listen and talk about as many subjects as come up without making some kind of comment that belittles others or cuts off communication between them. They do and say things that make a woman feel special and other men feel important. They are humble. They are careful, but don't avoid all risks. They are able to do things that might make them look foolish if it encourages fun and laughter. They call or text just to see if you need anything from wherever they are. They talk to you about activities they have enjoyed, whether it is movies, books, games, or whatever. They allow you to share your activities as well. When they find something they like they will text you something like: I can't wait to tell you about...". They will do your nails as long as you promise not to tell anyone. They will go window shopping with you and be smart enough to say things like: I don't think that color is good on you. You should try that shirt on. Those shoes look hot! Do you think this dress is my color? (as he holds up the ugliest dress you've ever seen). I like this bikini, do you think its too much for me to wear swimming?
The best thing about males is that when you are upset, they ask "How can I help?" Instead of assuming they know what you want them to do or avoiding you because they have no idea.

One of the biggest differences between men and males is their faithfulness. If a man finds he is attracted to another woman while he is with you, he will sneak around and see her behind your back. If a male finds he is attracted to another woman while he is with you, he will talk with you about it or leave the relationship. Men make doing things with you miserable while males will make the best of the situation. However, unless you want them to quit doing those things than you had better let them know that you appreciate what they are doing for them and give them the same respect and encouragement when they ask you to go fishing or whatever.

After all, if they can do it, we can too!!!!

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