Friday, January 27, 2012

The ultimate man!!!

There is a saying that goes like this: The more perfect they are at the beginning of the relationship, the more deadly it is to get out of the relationship.
I dated this man for a few weeks. He was attentive, generous, sweet,fun, kind and intelligent. Everything a woman could ask for.
Then, he began talking about moving in together. He had points that I could not really argue. He made a great argument for it. So I moved in.
Things were great for another month. Then, he began talking about marriage. I had already been married a time or two and was not ready for the emotional, financial or mental challenges of divorce. However, he kept on and on about it for another month and, to shut him up about it, I agreed.
This is not a good thing. If someone hounds you about something, get away from them. Period! As the engagement progressed, so did the problems in the relationship.
Finally, we were married and I thought there was nothing left for him to hound me about, so things will go better. I was wrong!!!!
This was when the mental and emotional abuse began. This was when I learned what that saying was all about. We were together a total of two years, when I packed up my kids (not his) and fled. I did not run far enough. I had no idea what a monster like this was capable of!
Before I got on a bus with my children and fled to another state, he had hot wired my vehicle and drove it through the nursing home I worked at, his brother had come over to my apartment and raped me, he had tapped and scraped on the windows so much my kids were terrified of the dark, he called at all hours of the day and night to threaten me and my children, and he had managed to drive away every friend I made.
This is the ultimate man!

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