Saturday, January 14, 2012

Men are like hunting dogs!!!

If you turn your back on a dog, they will take off the first chance they get. Then, when they return, tired and hungry, they are wagging their tail and happy to see you. When you scold them, they are confused. Men are like that. They go off hunting, fishing, whatever. Then, they come back, tired and hungry, expecting you to be happy to see them. Just like a dog!

A hunting dog will drag back whatever they have killed and show it off. Then, when he gets tired of that trophy, he goes and gets a new one. Men will go out find a woman, wine and dine her and bring her home. He will show her off to family and friends, then when he gets tired of her, he goes and gets a new one. Just like a hunting dog!

Most dogs will let anyone pet them and scratch them, if they are talked to nicely. Most men will too.

Don't get me wrong. They have their good points. Both men and dogs know their way home. They will stop and play with whatever female is in heat along the way, but they will come home eventually...

Another good point that men and dogs have in common is that they are both nice and warm to cuddle up to on a cold winter night. However, dogs have one thing better than men. When you cuddle with them on a cold winter night, they don't give you an STD!!!!

Another good point that men and dogs have in common is that certain ones can make money. The thing that dogs have over men is that they are happy with a couple of chew toys and some dog food, while the men spend theirs on things that give them excuses to go hunting some more!

I admit that this is a gross over generalization and that there are some men out there that are not like this. However, I have only heard rumors of such creatures and they may be like the unicorn...  Often dreamed of and never seen!!!

Okay, I know. Many of you are going to be angry about this. I understand. However, if you think about it. We love our hunting dogs! We would not trade them for anything, right? I am not saying that we should not love men and that men are bad or anything. I am just saying, we need to understand that men are men. We cannot change them. We have to accept them the way they are, or do without them. Period.

To keep people from thinking that I am completely serious about this, I thought I should note that I do know of some men who are not like this. However, these men do not do me any good because they are gay and have the same problems I do!!!!

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