Monday, December 26, 2011

Laughter as needed...

I wander... or is it wonder?

I am sitting up in my bed typing this. I have already lost the use of all my limbs today, landing me on the floor. This, of course, brought great joy to the animals in the house. They immediately came in, taking full advantage of the situation, began to lick me as they saw fit and chew on y hands and feet. The kitten, found the wagging tails too hard to resist and pounced with all four clawed paws. Being a kitten, she doesn't have the best aim and she missed by a long shot, landing her claws in the middle of my back. So, there I was, the new playground for my boxer mix, my room mates weiner dog, and a kitten.

It takes an hour or so, but eventually I get my right arm back and my mom helps me into the wheelchair. I move around a little bit, doing a few things. Eating something to hold me over in case it happens again, drinking plenty to keep from needing a drink if it happens again, prepare my computer for me working from my bed, in case only part of it happens again, and launch myself onto my bed.

Remember, I only have one arm to use. I push off the chair with my right arm and land on my head with my butt in the air and one leg on each side of my head. Then, I roll to the left and have to catch myself with my right hand before I fall off the bed onto the floor. After long moments of struggling, I am in a comfortable position. My legs are dangling off the bed and the kitten attacks my toes. I yank my knees to my chest and realize I went through all that struggle for nothing! I had full use of all my limbs back.

This post was going to be about unicorns, and I did find something interesting involving unicorns, but this seemed more important. I think that laughter is the best medicine for anything that ails you, even if nothing ails you at all!

In the spirit of laughter, lets have a little fun!!

Found this on twitter...
My unicorn name is: 
Bluebell Silver Nostrils
Bluebell is an eccentric genius with a big imagination.
She is silver like the moonlight,
and she dances in clouds of falling stars.
 Put in comments what your unicorn name and description is!

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