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Monday, December 26, 2011

Who ate the first egg?

 In my first blog, I talked about a conversation I had with a friend of mine about the first person to eat an egg. The question has popped back up among my circle of associates, so I went searching for some answers. I found that we were not the only ones to ask this question. I found several sites where someone had asked the question and it was answered.

Here is where I found the question and an answer...

This is a site where people "chat" about the first person to eat eggs, though I would not call any of their answers interesting...

This one is not as good, though it does raise some other questions...

This one has a neat story in it...

This one has an answer that is probably the most realistic...

I think I have an answer, given the history lessons I remember and the stories that I have read. Along with some creative imaginings...

Back in the days before time, when the world was new and the creatures were still figuring out who belonged where, a clan of cave dwellers were going about their daily food searches. The females were in charge of gathering and storing, while the males were in charge of hunting.


One of female cave dwellers noticed strange creatures in the sky. She watched as they went to and from another cave. She got closer to see what they were doing in there. When she was close enough to see inside, she saw creatures that were their competition for food eating the flying creatures rocks. She told a male about it and he decided to hunt one. This was useless. They flew out of range and, if one was hit, they couldn't find the carcass anyway.

However, this made the flying creatures take note of the cave dwellers. One day one of the flying creatures found a young cave dweller by themselves and snatched them off the ground. They took them to their nest and released them for the young to eat. While trying to get away, the cave dweller broke one of the strange rocks which filled the nests in the cave. The young cave dweller hid inside the broken egg.

While the young cave dweller was in the egg, they became very hungry and began to eat the goo which was oozing out of the crack. This filled them up and the shell kept them warm, so they stayed there until all the noises stopped.

When the noises stopped, it was dark and hard for the cave dweller to see. They took one of the eggs to nourish them on their return to their cave and made the trek back to their cave below.

Upon their return, they put the egg near their campfire to keep for future use. While it was there, it cooked and became a hard boiled egg. Finally, the egg cracked and the clan shared the egg.

"There's reason in roasting eggs." James Howell, English Proverbs.
This is my take on the who ate the first egg question. I hope you enjoyed it!!!

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