Monday, December 12, 2011

The day I got Vista Antivirus 2012!!!

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocous! Sometimes, that is just all you can say. Good things are happening around me, bad things are happening around me, interesting things are happening around me, frustrating things are happening around me, strange things are happening around me...

I woke this morning without any aches, pains, or negative thoughts in my mind! This is the first time in months I have had this kind of pleasure!!!

I have a friend who has left her abusive boyfriend, whom her church was not pleased that she was with because she is married, and several people in her church have tried to talk her into dropping her restraining order, including the minister!!! The freaking minister wants her to drop her restraining order!!! What a bunch of bullshit!!!

That restraining order is not only protecting her from him, but him from the people who care about her and are willing to go to jail for beating his ass or worse!!!! Why would they want to open everyone up for something like that?

Do they enjoy watching the drama and the pain that surrounds this? Do they really understand what is at stake? Do they even care? Why don't they just stay the hell out of it? How can they be so cruel?

Mom is in a good mood today. She seemed to have worked through whatever was troubling her for the last week or two. I hope she can continue in her growth and serenity.

I am a bit frustrated because I have to borrow a computer to write this. I have somehow exposed my computer to a virus and it has caught pneumonia or something. I have to get a computer doctor to fix it (I know they are called computer technicians, but I like computer doctor).

I was sitting at my computer and a paper started wiggling. I looked under it to see why it was moving and there was nothing there. Okay, could have been air currents or a bug or something. I get that. However, the next thing to start moving was my soda can. It just wiggled, but how weird!!! I do not beleive that air currents or bugs could have done that. After that happened, my computer notified me that my firewall was temporarily shut down for a scan, a scan was in progress by Vista Antivirus 2012, and my webpage was closed.

I talked to a friend of mine and he found out that this new version of Vista Antivirus 2012 is in the computer registry and has to be removed from there, if you want to get rid of it permanantly. So, my computer is shut down until I can get my computer doctor to come and fix it. Hope he isn't busy...

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